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As an invited guest, you have the exclusive privilege to participate in a registry or shared gift. You will be prompted to download the tdalal application, or you will be taken directly to the registry or shared gift to which you were invited, if you already have the application. In the registry, you will have the option to choose from amongst many items and services that the host has chosen. Once you’ve made up your mind, you can then accessories the gift with wrapping paper, chocolates, flowers or many other “essentials”. As a participant in a shared gift, you will clearly see the amount for your share of the gift.

Once you have gone through the steps of registry creation, you will be prompted to choose from your contact list or to manually input the information of those you wish to send links to. Invitation & payment links will be sent through SMS and/or email.

The shared gift section is clearly labeled in the website homepage, clicking on this will prompt you to create a profile for the person receiving the gift. You will then be able to browse through tdalal’s items and services and choose one, high-value, item or service. You will then be asked if you wish to customize this gift by adding wrapping, essentials and greeting cards. Once you have entered the information of those who will be sharing the cost with you, the total amount will be equally divided by the number of participants and invitation & payment links will be sent to them.

As a guest, you will be invited to share in the cost of a gift via an SMS or email invitation & payment link. Clicking on this link will take you to the shared gift profile where you will clearly see the amount that you are asked to pay.

As a guest you have four (4) days, from the date of the creation of the registry or shared gift, to choose, customize and pay for a gift.

To purchase more than one item from the same registry, due to the customization in “essentials” section, each item would have to be purchase during a separate session.

To purchase items for yourself you could use either the registry or the shares gift sections, then simply send yourself an invitation and payment link.

Customer service and the logistics & shipping team are available around the clock to assist you through WhatsApp and email. Phone lines are operational during regular working hours.