Our Services

Tdalal, a website and application dedicated to gift registries and shared gifts, prides itself with its eclectic collection of items and services available to be added to your registry or for your group of friends to share its cost.

With more than 30 vendors and 500+ items & services in one place available to you at the touch of a button.

Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping Whether it’s a large coffee machine or a delicate gold bracelet, tdalal offers its expertise in gift wrapping to elevate your choice of gifts to the next level and those who receive it are sure to be thrilled! Our collection of gift-wrapping paper is imported from multiple countries around the world and includes hand printed, bio-degradable and recycled options. Our collection rotates throughout the year … so you’ll never have your gifts wrapped the same way twice.


Tdalal offers guests purchasing gifts for their friends & family several customization options to elevate the experience of the celebrated person. The “Essentials” sections allow you to add items to the original gift for that added element of surprise and includes chocolates, dates, flowers, balloon sets, tote bags, plush pillows and more!


The tdalal website and applications offers you an exclusive collection of cards and allows for a high level of customization. Guests can choose to send a card with text from a drop-down list of thoughtfully written greetings or write a heartfelt message in the text box. For those wanting a highly curated card, tdalal team can, upon request, arrange for your Arabic text to be written by a highly skilled calligrapher. Our cards include hand printed tree-less cards with exhilarating color combinations, cards by regional artists with colloquial references and interactive pop-out cards for children.


The tdalal logistics and shipping team have years of experience in handling and delivering high value items. Our team is able to deliver your gifts to homes, offices, restaurants and beach houses almost anywhere in Kuwait.

International payments

For those celebrating in Kuwait with families and friends abroad, the tdalal website and application offers you the opportunity to celebrate despite the distance. Links to registries and shared gifts can be shared with contacts abroad who then have the opportunity to use appropriate payment methods to make a purchase.