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About Us

Over the last 5 years, an idea started taking shape on creating the first expansive digital gift registry in Kuwait and the Middle East. On the course of its development, the tdalal team knew it was not enough to impose the traditional registry system on local values. Instead, tdalal was curated to fit in with the local culture, that keenly respects gifting practices. The word itself, means to indulge and give unconditionally at the request of the person you want to spoil.

The combination of the founder’s backgrounds from marine biology to architecture, is truly what makes tdalal unique- as the platform is both practical, logical and simply elegant. In fact, you can see touches of science and art blending into each other throughout the website and application (in development) from the product selection to the theme & layout.

Whether you are shopping by tdalal to celebrate a co-worker, buy your friend a gift for their birthday or Honor your mother for all her sacrifices, you are warmly welcomed onto our platform. Let’s us all celebrate together.


Mansourah Khuraibet, Hasan Al Matrouk & Batoul Khuraibet

Founders of tdalal